[K-POP/K-TREND] In With The Red Heads, Out With The Blondes

It seems like red heads are the new trend in the entertainment business.

With the multitude of stars dying their hair shades of wine, the trend is expected to trickle down. In fact, the beauty industry predicts that there will be high sales of red dye not just for the stars. Hot trends in the music and entertainment sphere tend to catch on immediately. Last year, it was blond that was at the front of the pack, but coming into fall, red heads seem to be getting much more attention than blond had.

It looks like Jiah of Miss A started to ease in the trend with her bright pink hair, and now deeper tones have caught on, with more reds and deep wine colours. The first representative of the Red Head club was Brown Eyed Girl’s GaIn, with her trademark red bob. The net cut of a bob with the soft red gives her an intellectual feel. Recently the most prominent new red head is Bom. Making a comeback with their first studio album, 2NE1’s Bom’s long, straight, red hair demands attention. Bom’s red hair is both feminine and charismatic, a perfect combination for 2NE1.

But being a hot red head isn’t limited only to female singers. Red hair is standing out as trend for males as well.

Hongki of FT Island comeback seemed to start off the trend with the dark wine colour when the group came back with him sporting new colour. For Seo Inguk’s comeback with the song “Baby,” his red hair helps him transformed his style as his fanbase continues to grow. We see another transformation in G-Dragon during Big Bang’s recent appearance on the Japanese show “Pi-juk Pi-juk,” the red hair gives him a more cute style and a completely different look than his blonde days.


© OSEN (source) + jaded_skys@omonatheydidnt (translations) | Shared by ©HOTSPICYKIMCHI | Please copy complete credits. Don’t hotlink anything. – HOTSPICYKIMCHI ♕

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