[K-POP/J-POP] Kim Hyun Joong : Official Japan Site Reveals New Message

Kim Hyun Joong’s official Japanese site has posted a new message.



Hello everybody,

Kim Hyun Joong has had finished his Japan schedule, and has already returned to Korea on October 12. He is now undergoing shooting for Playful Kiss. Due to the fact that he still has shooting to do for the remaining episodes, he only came to Japan this time for 2D1N. For the fact that he met up with so many people in an already long while, Kim Hyun Joong was very happy as well.

Filming for the drama has now gradually come to an end, and he will also give it all his best until the final shooting, so we do hope for your enthusiastic support as always.


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One response to “[K-POP/J-POP] Kim Hyun Joong : Official Japan Site Reveals New Message

  1. thnaks for the latest news of kim hyun joong.
    I am glad to hear that he back to home safely in good health.
    I am unhappy with playful kiss will be end with 16 episodes. I am wondering why that has happened?
    Fun have been dissatisfied about episode 12 ending, about bsj’s character did not change to ohn in romantic way. Also I had watched long preview of epd 13, BSJ”S character still mean to OHN. I am so sorry for OHN.

    I wish playful kiss drama will be ended as pre original manger. (Should not change or alter the script)
    Life is so hard for every one. Pls make us happy and end up with nice and happy scenes.
    Kim Hyun Joong is acting real BSJ and Jung So Min is acting real OHN. They both are really cute together.
    I do really wish for them to win best couple award with this dram playful kiss.

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