[K-POP] Super Junior : Heechul Tops Twitter Trending Charts, Dubbed As “Korean Bieber”

Kim Hee-chul, a member of the boy band Super Junior, stole the Twitter limelight all of a sudden, sparking curiosity from foreign users who do not recognize him at all.

Kim’s name was top of the “trending” charts on Twitter thanks to the relentless posting by his fans who want to mark what they call “Kim Heechul Day,” which was declared by fans on Oct. 11.

The mass tweeting by his fans sent the heart throb is helping his name remain on the trending charts of Twitter on Tuesday, which are used for showing which subjects are most discussed on that micro-blogging site.

While Kim’s enthusiastic Korean fans keep typing in his name on Twitter non-stop, other users expressed their dismay at the peculiar phenomenon. A user whose ID is @Amathev posted: “I give up. Kim Hee Chul has won Twitter.”


A SOUTH Korean pop star is top of the ‘trending’ charts on micro-blogging site Twitter as hundreds of thousands of his fans bombard the site with messages for their hero.

‘Kim Heechul Day’ was declared by fans on October 10, sending the heartthrob to the top of Twitter’s trending topics which led to international curiosity on the site for the not exactly world famous star.

Kim Hee-chul, often credited just as Heechul, is a pop singer, actor, presenter and disc jockey who is best known in South Korea as a member of the 13 member boy band Super Junior. And the celebrity was still leading the way on Twitter on Tuesday as the site’s top trending topic, the subject most users are discussing, as excited fans continued to bombard the site with Heechul tweets in several languages.

Twitter user kyuoppar tweeted Tuesday: ’10/10/10 Kim Hee Chul Day – We will forever commemorate this day as the day Kim Hee Chul took over social networking.’ Some fans want nothing less than world domination for their hero.

SweetSHINeeLove tweeted: ‘Just saw that Kim Hee Chul is the top trend NOW,TODAY,And this WEEK.If there was a ‘YEAR’ category Hee’d be there for sure.’ And brwncao added: ‘Well.. We all knew Kim Hee Chul was gonna rule the world one day…’

Heechul, 27, is being dubbed South Korea’s answer to Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation who often dominates the trending charts on Twitter. But not every tweet was from a fan, as Tweeter Kris-six typed: ‘What the hell’s a KIM HEE CHUL’? — AFP


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