[K-POP] Lee Yeon Hee : Closes Down Twitter, Moves Into New Minihompy

Actress Lee Yeon Hee has decided to move her cyber activities from Twitter to her own personal Cyworld minihompy.

On October 10th, she tweeted, “Everyone~~~ The world is evolving so fast, but I don’t know much about machines. I’ll just cut my Twitter use here, sorry~^^; I’ll be making a new minihompy so please use that. It was a short time but using Twitter with everyone was fun~~ Now it’s D-day2. Goodbye ^^”

Due to fans being upset with her leave, she tweeted again on the 11th, “Honestly, not knowing about machines is just an excuse. I’m just afraid of having no private life protection. I just randomly felt it one moment~ Please don’t be too disappointed~ I always feel your hearts with mine.”

Despite her clarification, fans continued to express their disappointment, causing her to add, “My company isn’t restricting anything from me~^^ I just felt a lot of things after watching the news. Other countries have internet outsiders because of this. I’m just nervous in case my personal information gets hacked. I’m just preventing things since you never know what might happen ^^ I’m just leaving for my own personal reasons so please don’t think too into it~~~ ^^.”

Lee Yeon Hee currently has 10,815 followers as of the 11th.

A representative of SM Entertainment spoke with Star News regarding the issue and revealed, “Just like what she stated, Lee Yeon Hee quit Twitter on her own after watching news on social networking services. She explained the situation honestly due to her fans being so upset. Lee Yeon Hee does feel sorry about her leave, but like she stated, she will be able to converse with her fans through her minihompy so please don’t be too upset.”


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