[K-POP] f(x) : Sulli Ranks #1 Girl Groupie With Beautiful Eyes

F(x) Member Sulli, Ranked 1st for ‘The girlgroup member with the most Beautiful eyes’.

A survey that was held on September 27th until October 11th. Around 734 participants voted for “The girl group member with the most beautiful eyes.”

F(x) sulli ranked 1st with 329 votes (44.8%) , Brown eyed girls Gain ranked 2nd with 204 votes(27.7%) While SNSD Yoona ranked 3rd with 193 votes (26/2%)

An expert for plastic surgery, Park sang hyun talked about “Sulli’s beautfiul eyes” . he said, “Sulli has innocent and cute eyes, and the make up makes her eyes looks even more appealing”

On SBS Drama “Seo-dong Yeo”, Sulli shows off her natural acting skill with attractive eyes. Despite on her young age, she suits her role well. Senior Actors and Staffs said, she always smile brightly on recording location and that made the Senior actors and staffs smile as well.

Also the expert said, “Gain only has a little different point from yoona , she ranked 2nd while yoona’s 3rd. Gain just debuted as solo and shows an incredible performance with her brand new song “irreversible”. Gain’s eyes give a sexy feeling”

“Yoona has crystal-clearly eyes. i’m pretty sure that ‘star eyes’ will become trend among the public. however, Sulli Gain and Yoona has their own charm with their own eyes.”


© Nate (source) + Yurisistable@SMTownJjang (translations) + hellohazel&RoyalFuchsia@SMTownJjang | Shared by ©HOTSPICYKIMCHI | Please copy complete credits. Don’t hotlink anything. – HOTSPICYKIMCHI ♕

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