[K-POP/K-EVENT] Seoul Soul Festival : Featuring Jay Park, Se7en, Taeyang (VIDEOS)

The Seoul Soul Festival was a hit among those who attended on October 9th and 10th. Sponsored by SBS, the concert was held at Peace Plaza in the Seoul War Memorial of Korea. The festival combined R&B, hip-hop and soul to create an amazing night of musical performances by famous artists, featuring Musiq Soulchild, Se7en, Jay Park, Sean Kingston and Taeyang.

Se7en opened the concert with his new song, “I’m Going Crazy,” which had been released as a music video recently.

During his performance, he not only excited fans by taking off his jacket, but he thanked everyone for attending:

“Today there will many outstanding musicians performing. After me will be Taeyang’s performance.”

At one point, he grabbed a paper banner from the audience, mistaking it to be a towel. Despite the obvious discomfort, he humored the crowd and used it anyway while joking that even if people didn’t chant encore, he would still come out for one.

Se7en sang a total of eight songs, including “Digital Bounce” and “Better Together”.

Digital Bounce

Better Together

Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Come Back To Me




I’m Goin’ Crazy

Although Taeyang confessed to the crowd that he was “so nervous that I’ve forgotten the lyrics,” he captured the crowd’s hearts by asking them to join him in singing.

He performed eleven songs in all, including his popular hits “I Need a Girl”, “Look Only At Me”, and “Where U At”.

During “Take It Slow,” Taeyang teased fans by slowly removing the clothing on his upper body until he was half-naked, causing fangirls to go wild.

Intro + Prayer

Just A Feeling

Take It Slow

I Need A Girl

I Want You Back

Look Only At Me Remix

Break It Down


Where You At

On the second day of the festival, Cha Cha Malone from AOM and Jay Park performed “Speechless” at the concert.

Cha Cha later wrote, “Today’s concert was so much fun!!! Finally got through my first live singing performance in front of 9,000 ppl! Wasn’t great, but not too too bad either for a first. I’m happy. Wouldn’t have been the same without my best friends out there with me, as well as all of Korea showing us so much love!!! Love you all.”

Congratulations on Cha Cha’s debut! We look forward to hearing more music from these two artists.



Nothing On You


Over all, the night was a great success, resulting in many enthusiastic responses from people around the world. Fans commented “awesome performance… luv it!” and “omg nosebleed worthy FOR SURE!”

Be sure to watch their performances on video!

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