[K-POP/K-TREND] “Guyliner Look” Gains Popularity In Boy Groups

Eye make-up for men has been gaining a lot of popularity within the male Kpop idols.

As we progress into the modern world, eye make-up is not only restricted to the ladies, but the guys can have their share as well. You have probably seen the eye liner many boys wear these days. MBLAQ, BEAST, BIG BANG, Rain and SHINee are specifically known for having eye make-up as a part of their album/single concept.

The smoky and chic style often symbolizes a rather strong, competitive, charismatic and not to forget “pretty” image. The “pretty boy” image as we know it is becoming more and more popular these days, and so idols tend to take on this trend.

To begin with, the style mostly contained black eyeliner giving the eyes a darker look. However, these days it has developed in to different colors, styles and even fake eyelashes. We can refer to Rain’s concept for ‘Back to Basic’, and SHINee’s concept for ‘Lucifer’.

The history of smoky eye make-up is fairly new, and among the first ones to present it stands Big Bang. T.O.P is often seen with charismatic smoky eyes and thick eyebrows, while Taeyang has been seen with eyeliner while promoting for ‘SOLAR’, giving him a maturer look. G-Dragon is known for his soft pretty looks, so smoky dark eye make-up makes his eyes look fiercer and manlier. This also implies to Se7en and some Super Junior members, such as Lee Teuk who has a similar condition as G-Dragon. And we simply can’t forget Yonghwa’s fierce gaze into the camera while performing on stage.

SHINee emphasizes this idea through different methods. With Key matching his eye shades with his outfit colors and presenting a wild and dynamic style, to Minho who has cute pretty boy charms where darker eye color gives deep edges to his look. It also gives Onew a strong image on stage in comparison to his usual calm and innocent self.

As the eye make-up gains more and more attention, there are mixed views on this concept. Many don’t like the boys wearing it, while others find it natural to the their images.

What do you say? Is eye make-up on our boys a “no no” or do you think it’s completely okay?


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One response to “[K-POP/K-TREND] “Guyliner Look” Gains Popularity In Boy Groups

  1. for me it’s completely Ok but still they look even good without all that make-up than most girls with full make-up but it’s their way and I really really like their make-up <3…….I always think that black eyeliners look too good on them just like TOP and his "to die for" (hot) eyes ^_^……kikwang's eyes look good with eyeliner and I really really loved the lucifer make up SHINEE had…… It doesn't matter for me I like them with and without make-up after all ^.^v

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