[K-POP/J-POP] 2NE1 : HMV Announces The Japanese Release Of Their Album

The girls of 2NE1 have been very successful with their first full length album. It’s success in HMV Japan caused a stir in the market and now Avex Trax’s sublabel, Rhythm Zone, will be releasing the album with a few new extras!

Rhythm Zone is a sublabel for Avex and it’s well known to be the label where one Japan’s sexiest singers works in, Koda Kumi. Rhythm Zone tends to specialize in ‘dance’ music artists hence the name. They’ve recently announced that they’ll be releasing 2NE1’s album in Japan on December 8th with a new track titled ‘F*CK YOU’, (I’m serious…I’m sorry for those who could take offense to the title…take a look at the screenshot below):

There will be 2 editions of the album available, a regular edition which will be 2 CD’s consisting of 20 tracks (including F*CK YOU) and will cost 3059 yen (which translates to about $37). There’s also a special limited edition which will not only include the 2 CD’s consisting of 20 tracks (including F*CK YOU) but also a special Bonus DVD containing 2NE1’s music videos. This one will be priced at 3990 yen (which is about $48).

HMV declares this as the debut of 2NE1’s Japanese debut and describes the girls ‘having overwhemling powerful music with cahrismatic performances that can’t be compared with any other girl groups’They also added that most of the 2NE1 fanbase is female and that in Japan they’re popular with the middle and high school girls along with BIGBANG fans.


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