[K-POP] T-ARA : JiYeon Accused of Appearing On Adult Website, Defended by Both Bandmates and Agency

Due to the recent controversey circulating around the net of T-ara’s Ji Yeon appearing on an adult website, her parents and agency have released official statements denying any vaildity of the vicious claims.

Ji Yeon’s agency Core Contents Media has also announced that they will be taking legal action against reporters that have been using falsified images of Ji Yeon as evidence.

With recent rumors of T-ara’s 17-year-old mankae member Ji Yeon appearing on an adult video chat website circulating about the internet, her parents and agency have released an official statement denying any vailidty of the accusations.

Core Contents Media has stated, “We directly checked with Jiyeon herself, and it was confirmed that it was only someone who looks similar.”

Regarding the ordeal Ji Yeon’s own parents have told her agency in her defense, “Jiyeon is only a high school student, but she has already been gravely scarred and crying heavily because of this issue. They are wishing for legal actions to be taken against the reporters and media who are criticizing Jiyeon because of pictures that have not even been confirmed, and they wish for this to not happen again.”

On Twitter, fellow T-ara members Eun Jung and So Yeon have defended young Ji Yeon’s honor.

So Yeon has this to say in response to the controversey:

“Just breathe, So Yeon.
Even someone condemned by God deserves his pity… but does only God know? This world, wretched world
You really think you know, sigh…”

Eun Jung later commented:

“I want to buy you some oxygen, So Yeon, why aren’t they selling it in the shop? ㅠㅠ makes me angry!
Today’s entire schedule and Strong Heart recording with everyone!! It’s only for a short time… but being with all my precious bandmates makes me happy.. ‘-‘ ♡..!! truly.”

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon’s agency is in the process of utilizing cyber investigation in order to search for the origin of the video at the center of the controversey. It has also been confirmed that Core Contents will be taking legal action against the reporters who have used unconfirmed images of Ji Yeon a means of photographic evidence.


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