[K-POP] Wonder Girls : Leader Sunye Talks About The #1 Member Among Them

Leader Sunye, talks about Wonder Girls’ number one member. Who is it and what did she say about her?

On the finale of Mnet Made in Wonder Girls, which aired on October 1st, each girl revealed their true feelings about the other members in the group with Sunye revealing,

Despite being the youngest member, Sohee takes care of herself well because she started living on her own since she was young. It’s funny even when we talk about it amongst ourselves, but Sohee has grown up so much, to the point where she gives us advice.”

Also, because Sohee is really passionate about something she likes, although it may not be noticeable, she studies really hard. Sohee is ranked as the number one member in the group.

Sohee is known to many as the face of Wonder Girls, especially to those outside the fandom, and Sunye’s honest confession about the former maknae has been gathering much attention as she reveals the importance of Sohee in the group and her growth.

On this episode, The girls also left messages for Sunmi, while Yubin talked about Sunye, Hyerim about YeEun, YeEun cried speaking about Yubin and Sohee expressed about Hyerim, “When you look at [her], you think of an American girl, not yet in her 20s.”

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