[K-POP] Jay Park : Spotted On Pilipinas Win Na Win 09.30.10 (VIDEO)


After being a no-show at today’s SHOWTIME episode, Jay Park was spotted at Pilipinas Win Na Win, a local noontime show promoting for his upcoming fan meet and showcase this October 3.

Enjoy, shippers.

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2 Comments to “[K-POP] Jay Park : Spotted On Pilipinas Win Na Win 09.30.10 (VIDEO)”

  1. Hi. As much as you want to be credit for your information/article when used elsewhere, I would also appreciate credits to be given to the photo I took which you used in this article 🙂

    My watermark is clearly seen on the photo, so it would be great if you can include my website in your credits. Thanks!

    • Hey, love.

      Sure thing. Edited the credits already. I forgot to add you up sa credits because I already used it on another post, where I have credited you beforehand.

      My blunder. Mianhae. Thanks for noticing, btw.

      Peace, love, and GV.
      – denden aka hotspicykimchi

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