[K-POP] f(x) | GP Basic | KARA : Girl Group Managers Asked To Testify In Court

Big name companies, such as SM Entertainment, DSP Media are being asked by lawmakers to attend a National Assembly audit and inspection hearing next week.

They are going to determine whether the recent releases of girl groups which members are under-aged are too ‘suggestive’ and ‘provocative’.

GP Basic, a new idol group of six teenagers that includes elementary and middle school students, debuted last month, stirring concern over whether it is appropriate to allow underage girls to perform suggestive dances. Critics say that part of the GP Basic’s song “Game” contains “sexy and suggestive lyrics.” Their youngest being 11 and their leader being 14. And younger than many of the writers here.

The National Assembly’s Culture, Sports, Tourism and Broadcasting Committee yesterday requested that three entertainment business tycoons – Kim Young Min of SM Entertainment, Lee Ho Yeon of DSP Media and Park Ki Ho of GP Basic Entertainment – appear at the parliamentary audit Monday as witnesses.

“Lawmakers will point out legal and ethical problems of companies that make under-age singers wear short pants to expose their thighs and legs on TV shows and sing songs with suggestive moves and lyrics that would create sexual fantasies,” said Grand National Party lawmaker Ahn Hyoung-Hwan, who belongs to the assembly committee.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission in June warned the three local broadcasters – SBS, KBS and MBC – about the suggestive performances of under-age idol stars and the broadcasters raised the age limit of performers on the music shows from 12 years old to 15 years old.

But critics say the decision is ironic, given that teenagers aged 14 and older can watch the live shows.

“The regulation overseeing TV shows are geared to the audience, not teenage stars, who appear on the shows,” said Kim Ki-hwan, an official at the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

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