[K-POP] Jay Park : Gets Edited Out Because Of JYP

The night before Jay’s performance at Nanum Concert was to air, rumors began to surface that JYPE had pressured MBC to cut out Jay’s performances in the actual broadcast.

According to rumors, JYPE had threatened to boycott MBC should they air Jay’s performance. K-Jaywalkers went into panic but decided to wait until the broadcast was aired to see if Jay was really cut out. MBC finally aired the broadcast with all of Jay’s performances edited out like the rumors stated.

Unfortunately, Sidus HQ has yet to comment and MBC has yet to follow up on anything, leaving the entire issue up in the air. Fans are continuing to debate whether or not JYPE had a part in this like rumors previously claimed, but for the most part have decided to keep the issue hush hush so Jay doesn’t get further affected by it. Some claim that MBC could not broadcast it because of copyright issues regarding “Nothin On You” but the apologetic tweet does not state that, making fans skeptical while others see the possibility of JYPE’s involvement. Others are arguing that the bigger issue at hand is the fact that MBC used Jay to promote their concert and flat out cut him out of the most important part of it.

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