[K-POP/K-Trend] Find Out Which Idol Handles The Most “Visual” In Girl Groups

Korean girl groups have jumped over the Korean market to take over Japan, China, Taiwan, and other foreign countires around the world.

Along with their pretty and cute appearance, the groups have captured the hearts of Asian fans with their addictive songs that are easy to sing and dance along to. Many groups have been able to lead successful debuts in foreign countries recently, while those who have not begun overseas activities yet, have been taking over music charts in Korea.

With their great popularity in mind, there have been memebers in these various groups that were focused on due to their looks. Not only do these memebers who handle the ‘visuals‘ in the groups increase their own popularity, but they raise the group’s popularity in general.

One of these noted members is KARA‘s GOO HARA. Goo Hara is well-known by many as it was also revealed that she looks very similar to the top japanese singer Namie Amuro. It would not be much of a problem if one were to say that Goo Hara was the one that helped KARA get to where they are now by being active by appearing on various shows.

Another girl group member that is known for ‘hanling the visuals’ in the group is SNSD‘s YOONA. With her doll-like face to her cheerful smile, she has amde male fans’ hearts flutter as soon as she debuted. Because she is so popular, people may have been able to notice that she is usually in a position that allows her to stand out during their performances. As she has a talent in acting, she has also acted as the lead female role in a past drama.

Talented girl group 2NE1‘s visual memeber is SANDARA PARK. Not only does she look young to the point where her real age is hard to believe with her ‘honey skin‘, she also has a cute voiceand has skillful vocals, gaining much love from fans.

Of the groups, f(x) has the special characteristic of all the members handling the visuals of the group. Many members have their own individual schedules, and their own images can be seen clearly. Sulli, who was a child actress, has been active with modelling in fashion shows, participating in CFs, as well as being MC for a music program. Chinese member Victoria is also appearing on MBC ‘We Got Married’ alongside 2PM‘s Nichkhun at the moment, gaining her own popularity.

Other girl groups, such as Brown Eyed Girls, 4Minute, Secret, and Rainbow, all seem to have their own member that handles the visuals of their respective groups. Depending on how that member changes, their popularity, as well as the group’s, changes. We will be looking forward to each of these members’ future activities.

*Note: This is direct translation of the original source article, and in no way reflects on the opinions/thoughts of the Kpoolive staff member.

© Lee Myung Joo@Osen (source) + chOsshi@kpoplive (translations)
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