[K-POP] United Girlgroups : Get To Know Their Members

A new girl group union has emerged named the UG (United Girlgroups).

The union includes the representative names of this generation of girl groups such as SNSD / Girls’ Generation, After School, f(x), Rainbow, 4Minute, T-ara, miss A, and Secret. The members all came together in a special interview celebrating Daily Sports‘ 41st anniversary.

With all of the trendy girl groups invited in one room, what kind of questions revealed their dreams and what events made them cry?

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Journalist: Congratulations on becoming a UG member.

SNSD Sunny: I had no idea Daily Sports was this old. I always thought it was a newer newspaper company… Daily Sports and SNSD has many unforgettable memories together such as us dominating the first page last year when we won the Golden Disk Award. It was such an honor, I have it saved.

T-ara Eunjung: The first thing I think of is ‘drunk talking.’ I had to solve a few current event quiz questions while drunk. Haha.

Journalist: Let’s start the discussion for real now. There’s a lot of rumors saying that the girl groups aren’t close to one another and that there’s a bit of tension.

Rainbow Jaekyung: That’s absolutely not true. We’re all people, you know. Out of everyone present here today, I’m the closest with Hyosung (Secret). We began talking after we started using the same waiting room. We even created a meeting called the ‘Secbow.’

4Minute Hyuna: I’m very close with miss A’s Suzy since we’re both JYPEtrainees. We may be competing but I’m always glad to see her whenever we bump into each other at events.

Journalist: Then what about your own team members? What was the most recent fight you had?

SNSD Sunny: The members wanted to go bowling the other day but I said I was tired so I skipped out. They kept nagging at me because of it.

Secret Hyosung: We fight over the littlest things as well. This afternoon, I got upset because I wanted to eat Korean food when we were deciding our lunch menu but the other members wanted Western. I really, really wanted a nice warm stew with rice.

Journalist: While we’re on the topic of food, let’s talk about diets for a second. What do girl groups eat?

4Minute Hyuna:
You may not believe it but my nickname is pig. I last through the day with food.

miss A Suzy: I eat a~ lot as well. I eat three meals a day on top of nonstop snacking. When we have a schedule that requires a lot of traveling, I really never stop snacking.

Secret Hyosung: Wow~ I’m envious of that. I get a lot of stress because of my weight. My diet meal plan consists of bananas, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, and chicken breasts. I also exercise vigorously with my instructor at the fitness center.

T-ara Eunjung: I also follow a meal plan set up by my trainer. I have to keep it at a maximum of 1,200 calories a day.

Journalist: SNSD’s meal plan was also highly popular as well.

SNSD Sunny:
It was false. We never received a meal plan like that. Normally, we eat a lot but go into a sudden burst of dieting right before music video filmings. All of us in SNSD eat well so please don’t worry.

Journalist: You all do have something you don’t like about your physical appearance, right?

SNSD Sunny: My petite height, haha. I recently earned the nickname of ‘Grave Height,’ which basically means that I’ll be short until I die. If I say it like this, I feel like people will search for it so I’ll just explain it here. On KBS 2TV’s ‘Sketchbook,’ I greeted the audience after Yoona. The camera suddenly dropped when it got to my part.

After School Nana: My skin makes me worry. I’m very jealous of f(x)’s Sulli’s clear skin.

4Minute Hyuna: I’m jealous of Nam Jihyun unni’s skin as well. Her no make up face is the best.

Journaist: It’s getting boring, isn’t it? We’re only talking about boring things. Was there ever a time you got angry at your company’s CEO?

4Minute Hyuna: I was sick one day and got in trouble because I couldn’t dance well. I was so upset, I started crying. Still, I love our Hong Seung Sung Cube CEO. Daddy, don’t be mad, hehe.

Secret Hyosung: I rehearsed all day long and was so fatigued but our CEO walked in and kept saying I needed to rehearse more. I held it in, though.

miss A Suzy: I worked really hard on a recording but producer Park Jinyoung graded it a zero.

T-ara Eunjung: Our Kim Kwangsu CEO always nags at us to diet and then takes us out to eat at a really delicious restaurant. Exactly how does he expect us to lose weight…

Journalist: You all have a lot of older male fans as well, yes? When do you begin dividing the difference between an ‘oppa’ and an ‘uncle?’ And how much older are you willing to accept dating wise?

miss A Suzy: An old man, I consider 40 years old? And dating wise, I don’t think age matters but I’m willing to go up to 12 years my senior. Three years younger than me works as well, too.

Rainbow Jaekyung: If they’re not married, I consider them an oppa. If they are, they’re not. And I don’t think age matters as well.

SNSD Sunny: I think style is more important than age. There are a lot of young people that look old..

Journalist: Then what’s your most recent dating experience?

All: Hm… It’s been a while since we’ve dated. (Moment of awkward silence)

Journalist: Please reveal your ideal male celebrity. You cannot name foreign stars.

miss A Suzy: Kang Dong Won. Kang Dong Won no matter what.

Secret Hyosung: Ah! I’m a Kang Dong Won fan as well. Just hearing his name makes my heart flutter. I’ll be able to meet him one day, I hope.

SNSD Sunny: Wonbin for me!!! My man~ I’m going ot marry him some day.Hahaha, I’m asking to be terrorized, aren’t I?

T-ara Eunjung: When I was younger, I liked people with a warm charisma like Park Haeil. I like smaller eyes as opposed to larger eyes as well. Someone that’s good at rap… Ah! I like Big Bang’s T.O.P senior.

Journalist: When was the day you cried the most after debuting?

f(x) Luna: The day we debuted. I began thinking of my trainee years and sat in the waiting room, crying.

4Minute Hyuna: Same for me. I made a comeback with 4Minute after withdrawing from Wonder Girls. A lot of people anticipated a lot from me, but I was so upset that I couldn’t do as well as I wanted to.

Suzy, Nana, Eunjung: The day we won 1st place. We all thought of the pain we went through, and also felt a bit empty.

Journalist: Do you feel happy living life as a girl group member? Have you ever regretted your debut?

Secret Hyosung: I get depressed when I can’t eat delicious food but I’m always happy and excited when I stand on stage.

SNSD Sunny: I want to go hang out with my friends and date so it does get depressing when I can’t. Still, it’s a thrill to hear the support of our fans when we’re on stage.

f(x) Luna:
Same for me. I’m sad that I can’t meet my friends but every day is filled with delight.

Journalist: If you could go back in time to before you became a celebrity, what would you do?

SNSD Sunny:
I’d like to work part time at a restaurant or cafe. It’d be fun to see such a diverse group of people.

T-ara Eunjung: Me too… I want to observe how everyone lives. I debuted at 16 so I don’t know too much about the outside world.

Rainbow Jaekyung:
I want to date as much as I want. And I want to run away from home one day as well.

4Minute Hyuna:
I want to go to an amusement park and hang out until I get sick of it.

Journalist: What kind of dreams do girl groups have?

f(x) Luna: To become the world’s best diva.

T-ara Eunjung: Asia’s best Miss A.

After School Nana:
I’d like for all of the citizens in Korea to know my name.

SNSD Sunny: A worldwide S! N! S! D!

Journalist: Could you please say something in representation of the girl groups?

SNSD Sunny:
I feel that a girl group special interview being included in celebration of Daily Sports’ 41st year anniversary is proof that the level of influence of girl groups have risen drastically over the years. I’m extremely glad to be a part of this girl group union and will work hard around the world in representation of our country.

During the interview, the members were hesitant to answer many questions as they were being eyed by fans and their agency representatives. The following are a collection of the questions and answers that were given while under such observance.

Journalist: Which girl group is the prettiest?

All: Our group! (Points to their own group)

Journalist: Which present was the most awkward to receive?

All minus Sunny: The love of our fans are put in the presents, how can they be awkward?

Sunny: Garlic juice.

Journalist: Were you ever hit on by a male celebrity?

All: You’d think that we’d get hit on often, but never.

Journalist: How much do you have in your bank account?

All: Our parents manage it so we have no idea.

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