[K-POP] Chuseok : Find Out What Your Fave Stars Are Up To This Thanksgiving

Wondering what your fave idols are up to this Chuseok holidays. Read on to find out more.

Here the run-down:

Han Ji Hye will be holding her wedding at a hotel in Hawaii with a prosecutor six years her senior. She will be on her honeymoon ten days following the wedding, before she returns back to Korea with her husband. “I hope that it becomes a great memory for my family since Chuseok is included as well. I will be making a comeback once I return.”

Moon Geun Young has been quite busy these days with her first theatre debut in ‘Closer.’ The head of promotion team stated, “Moon Geun Young has a performance the day after Chuseok so she will only be able to rest on the actual day of Chuseok. Because it’s so short, she won’t be able to see her parents back home. Instead, she will be resting in Seoul.” Moon Geun Young is currently living with her grandmother in Seoul and will be able to eat many delicious Chuseok dishes.

Shin Sekyung is currently filming in Busan for her upcoming move, ‘Green Salt.’ Having left for Busan earlier this month, she has been staying in a hotel while working through her busy schedule. Although she was set to return to Seoul by the end of the month, typhoons and other delays have caused the filming to extend into October. A source close to her revealed, “She has no schedule on the 22nd but the next day is packed so we’re still not sure whether she’ll be returning to her hometown for Chuseok.” Shin Sekyung filmed through MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof” for last year’s Chuseok as well, but is planning to speak with her parents over the phone this year.

2NE1 will be running through a busy schedule of broadcasts and advertisement filming during their Chuseok break. YG Entertainment stated, “Each member will of course be resting on the actual day of Chuseok, but during the rest of the holiday, the members will be participating in advertisement and broadcast filming. They will also be rehearsing through their first official album.”

SNSD, as reported earlier, will be returning to their families after completing their successful debut in Japan.

f(x) will be visiting their families in their respective hometowns, including Chinese member Victoria who will return to China for a few days.

All of the members of Super Junior will be resting on the actual day of Chuseok but will be running through strenuous schedules all through the holiday.

SHINee will be resting at home while Onew completes his musical performances before returning home as well.

2PM will be working hard on their album production. JYPE commented, “They have a busy schedule planned because of their new album. They’ll have to work on that this Chuseok.”

miss A’s Suzy will be going home while Min stays in Seoul with her family. Unfortunately, their period of break won’t be for long as they too have a pending set to release by the end of this month. Chinese members Jia and Fei will remain in Seoul and rehearse.

San E’s family resides in America so he will be staying at a relative’s in Korea during the holiday.

The Brown Eyed Girls have a split schedule with Miryo and Jea resting at home, Narsha running her radio program, and GaIn preparing for her solo album.

SISTAR, T-ara, and KARA will be returning home as well. 4Minute will be in Thailand for promotions and the Wonder Girls will remain in America.

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