[K-POP] 2NE1 : To Promote One Track Per Music Show, Park Bom Collapses Due To Exhaustion

2NE1 is embarking in a new unique type of activities.

On the 1st, 2NE1 released their first album “To Anyone”. They are now scheduling to fix one title song to each of the music shows. This is risk is one of the new challenges that these girls are taking. For example, if “Can’t Nobody” is chosen for KBS, “Go Away” and “Clap Your Hands” will be performed on MBC and SBS.

2NE1’s company, YG stated, “From the beginning, we’ve planned to do activities without any regards to rankings. All three songs have a different feel to them. This plan was devised in order to have distinct and unique performances for each broadcast.”

2NE1’s representatives still have not confirmed the title songs with the broadcasting company. Starting on the 17th, with KBS 2TV Music Bank, after going through every single music show once, each broadcast will have a ‘fixed’ title song.

YG stated, “We have a rough outline but we still haven’t confirmed it yet. We are fine-tuning our understanding about each of the music shows, and we will fully prepare in order to come up with great performances.”

Up till the 13th, the 5th day since their comeback 2NE1’s force is already as fierce as ever. They have created an unusual sight on all the online music charts, such as Melon, Cyworld, Dosirak, MNET, Bugs, etc. with the three of their title songs all fighting for first to third place. The concern surrounding the fact that it may be difficult to score first place on the online charts with three different songs is being extinguished. The situation for offline albums is the same. In only 5 days, 19 000 copies of their album has been sold. In addition, they have risen to 1st place on Hanteo Information System’s weekly chart.

Meanwhile, on the 13th, due to overwork while preparing for the comeback, Park Bom collapsed and was admitted into the hospital. It seems like she will returning to regular schedules starting on the 14th.

© Nate (source) + GEE@ygladies.com (translations)
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