[K-POP] IU : Gets Her Wish To Perform With Taeyang

Singer IU is getting her wish granted! It’s been announced that she’ll be a guest at her ideal guy, Taeyang’s, solo concert in late September. Taeyang’s solo concert is scheduled for September 25-26 at Kyunghee University’s Peace Auditorium.

As for IU’s crush on the sexy singer, she’s been announcing it on several major TV program broadcastings. In one, she even planted a kiss on a picture of Taeyang. Her being bold about her attraction to Taeyang paid off as actress/model Yoo In-na connected the two singers for the upcoming concert. Yoo is signed under YG Entertainment, the agency backing Taeyang. When Yoo heard that Taeyang was looking for other singers to make guest appearances at his show, she immediately recommended IU, thus granting the young singer’s wish to be onstage with her crush.

Taeyang said that he knew of IU even before her debut through mutual friends. He noted that her skills as a singer only seems to improve with time and that he would gladly welcome her as a guest for his performance. IU on the other hand expressed that she was already worrying about how to plan out her segment in the concert. She confessed that she was a fan of Taeyang even before her debut and that being able to stand on one stage with him at his concert fills her with excitement and anticipation.

Taeyang is currently promoting his international track “I’ll Be There”. Word has it that tickets to his concert are selling like hotcakes. It’s only a matter of time before they’re sold out. The two concert dates will be rated differently: one night for a general audience of all ages while the other night will be for for audience members 18 years of age or older.

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