[K-POP] f(x) : Sulli and Krystal Have Attitude Problems?

Idol girl group f(x) is recently becoming a hot issue for having claims by CF staff members to “have no manners.”

Recently, an affiliated staff member for a CF f(x) was shooting commented on Twitter along with a picture, “f(x) filming. Only Victoria and Luna are likable. Listening to Krystal and Sulli’s demands are harder than picking stars out of the sky.”

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Another staff member also added a comment that agreed to this as they wrote on their minihompy along with a picture of f(x), “During this summer period where I have to interview f(x) with a lot of inexperienced interns made my entire body ache. Sulli, Krystal do not have basic manners and Victoria looks much prettier in person. Luna too, was very bright and the most beautiful. People like Luna are the type to be successful no matter what they do.”

However, as soon as these words started to become a controversy the staff member who wrote it quickly changed the words to, “I didn’t know these words were viewable to the entire public. The f(x) members had to film for the entire night.” Despite the efforts, netizens still showed strong feelings towards the issue.

A netizen from an online community commented, “They all had the same hard and tiring schedule but only Krystal and Sulli are especially expressionless…It’s not only the words but the pictures show their attitude as well so I’m disappointed.” While some netizens tried to protect Sulli and Krystal by saying that netizens are overreacting when there is no video clip to prove this claim, most netizens showed a negative response.

Meanwhile, Krystal has already had a previous history of apologizing to fans for her rude attitude on popular variety program Quiz That Changes the World.

Although these claims about Krystal and Sulli may not completely be true and not all SM artists behave in such a way, this isn’t the first time SM artists got into trouble for their rude attitudes during television broadcast.

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One response to “[K-POP] f(x) : Sulli and Krystal Have Attitude Problems?

  1. http://whutduhpho.tumblr.com/post/878347623/when-jonghyun-was-a-trainee-he-had-an-anti-fan

    It’s already been proven that Sulli and Krystal need to fix their attitudes. Even people that work with them write tweets about them. They need to learn that people are like watching them 24/7 and should watch their words.
    i remember sulli said on WGM-
    “SULLI: I hate those kind of nichknames like honey …it’s so old.”
    GEEZ, people do call their bfs and husband honey? theres nothing wrong with that and she has now right to call it old.

    I don’t get why blind fans try to cover for them. Aren’t Jiyoung (Kara) and Minji (2NE1) the same age? FX just debuted last year while lets say Jiyoung is doing things in Japan and debuted in 2008.

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