[K-POP/J-POP] Big Bang : Odaiba US 2010 Mezamashi Live Photo Spam Part 2 + Fancam (V.I.) *UPDATED

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BIGBANG performed at “Odaiba US 2010 Mezamashi Live” on July 26 and it broke the 3-year record of having 8000 people in the audience during the live event.
V.I . (Seungri) who went under an acute appendicitis operation last July 10 told the audience,“My appendix was removed for Mezamashi Live!”

BIGBANG will be releasing their new single, BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER, on August 25 and G-Dragon mentioned that “It’s perfect for the summer when everyone is all heated up. So, please listen to our song.”

During the show’s encore, BIGBANG sang HANDS UP, the theme song for Mezamashi Doyoubi. T.O.P said with a big smile, “Instead of saying greetings, (I say) this live show is the hottest ever.” G-Dragon agreed by saying, “I have a feeling it will be more exciting than last year. It’s going to be great.”

Fancam #1

Big Bang’s TV Schedule in Japan for August

July 29 : Mezamashi Live BIGBANG Special Broadcast
Time: 17:00~17:40 on Fuji TV

August 6: MTV World Stage
Time: 23:00~24:00 on MTV
Description: BIGBANG’s performance to be broadcasted to about 550,000,000 households in more than 150 countries!

August 14: The Story of BIGBANG
Time: 21:00~22:00 on Space Shower TV
Description: Special program about BIGBANG! Unmissable 1 hour that that will show the real face of BIGBANG through a unique perspective.

August 29: VMC (V-Music Channel) BIGBANG Special
Time: 19:00~20:30
Description: 90-minute special program that will show BIGBANG’s MVs and various interviews.

*All in Japan time

©Sanspo + Nikkan + Yomiuri + Sponichi +

Teambigbang (translations) + BIGBANG☆WORLD Mobile + MTV + SpaceShowerTV + VMC + tisya & vic@bigbangupdates + aleeexGD (video)

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