[K-POP] SS501 : Kim Hyun Joong grabs another CF deal

SS501’s leader, Kim HyunJoong, is indeed very busy these days! Along with his new acting role for Mischievous Kiss, he’s also landed himself a job as a CF model!

Singer and actor Kim HyunJoong has just signed a year long exclusive, 500 million won contract with the cosmetic brand, The Face Shop to be their new CF model. The Face Shop has a reputation of only picking the best of the best to endorse their products, and HyunJoong is just one of the many cream of the crop Hallyu stars they have hired. He follows in the footsteps of stars such as Bae YongJun, Kwon SangWoo, Joon JiHyun, Go SoYoung, etc.

The Face Shop is a cosmetic brand that sells mainly low-middle range priced products. What is most remarkable about this company is that they ship and sell their products all over Asia. Just last year they recorded sales of 257.1 billion won! HyunJoong has done very well for himself indeed, especially since this is his first CF contract since signing with Key East. With the Face Shop’s popularity and their reach all across Asia, this contract will more than likely help HyunJoong solidify his position as a Hallyu star.

HyunJoong will start his work endorsing the products in autumn-winter. Many are curious if Bae YongJun will also be joining him in the commercials as well. Although Bae’s contract has already ended, there is a possibility that he may have re-signed with the company and will be sharing the limelight with HyunJoong. Hopefully, HyunJoong will tell us more in the announcement he is set to make in a month’s time!

We have so much to look forward to from HyunJoong this year! I can’t wait for his new drama Mischievous Kiss and these new CFs to come out!

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2 responses to “[K-POP] SS501 : Kim Hyun Joong grabs another CF deal

  1. Wow!!.. that’s very cool!
    They only use big name to endorse their stuff. KHJ is one expensive commodity in Korean advertisements now adays.

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