[K-POP] Jay Park : How will he escape the shadows of 2PM

Is it really possible for Jay Park to be detached from 2PM? Is there no exit for Park Jaebum to escape the restrictions of 2PM?

Read on to find out.

On the 22nd, Hype Nation held a press conference for their movie along with a set reveal. A movie associate stepped up and demanded that questions about the movie only be asked, but in reality, the reporters and journalists present at the scene were more interested in the relationship between Jaebum and 2PM.

Strictly speaking, questions regarding Jaebum and 2PM are associated with the movie. For Jaebum to start a new career in Korea without a clean end to the 2PM controversy means that his career will never be whole but always half.

At the conference, Jaebum consistently remained silent on questions regarding 2PM. He had previously spoken of 2PM before by conversing with his fans through Twitter, going as far as to write, “I’m leaving the past buried in the past,” and encouraging 2PM’s success. Even when he was faced with a ‘severe private life problem,’ Jaebum remained silent. As time passed, JYPE became the assailant while Jaebum became the victim.

It is understandable for Hype Nation associates to be offended with questions regarding 2PM. The mass majority of the audience for the movie will be filled with Jaebum fans and should JYPE ever reveal the ‘severe private life problem,’ the effects of it will most likely reach the movie as well.

However, even if they stand between Jaebum and the press in an attempt to block all questions, Jaebum will never be able to escape from 2PM. The reason is that the most fundamental problems have yet to be solved. He has just now stepped up as a leading role of Hype Nation and he is already receiving endless questions about 2PM.

Despite Hype Nation asking the press to stay on topic, the press remained determined and continued asking questions about 2PM without the name ’2PM’ mentioned. An odd sense of energy flowed between those asking the questions and those receiving the questions and all answers were stated without the mention of 2PM.

The recent Hype Nation press conference did not end on a positive note. When the conference host began blocking certain questions, the press reacted noisily. Jaebum entered the stage with a nervous face expression that never left his face. Instead, he looked more uncomfortable as time went on. It was as if 2PM was present in the room. Every question was centered around 2PM and Jaebum’s Korean activities.

However, he has nobody to blame but himself for the problem he has created. If he truly wishes to just “bury the past in the past” like he stated, he will never be able to escape the shadows of 2PM. There are too many curious people for him to just leave it buried.

Time nor the love of his fans will allow Jaebum to escape 2PM. Neither will silence. The only option he has left is to clarify his relationship with 2PM with his own lips.

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hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM (translations) + Lee Eunji (article)

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