[K-POP] DBSK/TVXQ : Changmin for Elle Girl

DBSK’s Changmin plays and poses for Elle Girl’s August ish.

Check out the full deets after the cut. Appearing in the August issue of our magazine, Changmin plays the “Final Choice” game! It will be divided into 4 parts, and delivered weekly, starting from this week! Questions will be about Changmin’s daily life, character that you didn’t know about and such. Part 2 will be up on 29 July.

Question 1

What is your preferred pace of life?
When time passes slowly or When you are very busy?

Answer: When I am very busy.
“I’m now in between the two, I don’t dislike this (pace of life) but I like it when I’m really busy.” While answering, he maintained eye contact with his manager, like he was signaling for the manager to pile on more work!

Question 2

Which type are you?
Afraid of the Cold or Afraid of the Heat?

Answer : Afraid of the Heat.
“I prefer winter to summer, so I’m probably afraid of the heat. Even if I catch a cold or fall sick because of the cold, I still like winter better~” However, because of the drying effects of the air-conditioner in summer on his throat and skin, he seemed to avoid using it as much as possible. Is this also a sign of his professionalism showing?!

Question 3

Which sets a better mood?
Morning or Night?

Answer : Night
“Whatever it is, I’m just bad with mornings. Yesterday night, there was a magazine shoot till really late, and I was still perfectly fine even at the later parts!” Declared the night owl. By the way, whenever he can’t fall asleep at home, he would watch TV, or listen to music. A recent favourite of his is Keri Hilson, who will be performing at Summer Sonic.

Question 4

What do you do when going out in the mornings…
Take your time or Go out quickly?

Answer: Take my time
“I take about 40 mins to an hour to get ready in the morning. From taking a shower to picking clothes…and you definitely cannot miss breakfast!” said Changmin, who doesn’t go a day without taking breakfast. Moreover, it’s shocking that he eats rice for breakfast every morning! Because it’s two guys living together, this is remarkable!

Source: [Elle Girl]
Translation credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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