[K-POP] 2NE1 : Vogue Girl Interview

2NE1’s Vogue Girl Interview Tidbits


Vogue Girl(AKA V.G.): 2NE1’s photo shoot concept this time of an inner feminine beauty had sprung up from a comment by Sandara saying, “Now I also want to do a pretty photo shoot,” did you know that?

Sandara: I said that comment because until now, we’ve only done photo shoots with a very fierce image. On stage, there’s no chance of wearing fluttery clothing, so at least in a photo shoot I wanted to try this transformation.

VG: You had been very dormant in your activities for a while, but I was hearing news about Sandara every day. Since your me2day updates were so frequent.

S: me2day has been one of my biggest interests lately! When I find something fun, the first thought I get is that I should take a picture of it and post it up, and when I don’t find anything for a few days, I wonder if I should just make some scene to post, haha. It’s an addiction.

VG: Aren’t you a bit disappointed, since every update becomes a news article? Some reporters seem to just sit around waiting for ‘Reporter Sandara Park’’s news report.

S: Often I do get surprised. Sometimes, even though it’s nothing much, articles that bloat up the situation come up. Since I had started this to be able to interact with my fans, I try to keep that initial thought as most important. When I am on me2day, I feel like I’m communicating with someone so I like it. It’s like sending text messages back and forth with friends.

VG: Has Me2day become more comfortable than friends now?

S: Rather than that, it’s more because I don’t have many friends to send text messages to. I moved to the Philippines in elementary school, so in Korea, aside from company friends, I don’t have any friends. These days I had been very lonely, but I gained much encouragement from Me2day. If early in the morning, I can’t sleep and post something on Me2day, and a reply comes up, I think, ‘I’m not alone.’

VG: How do you relieve your stress? Aside from Me2day.

S: The only people I can talk to about everything in my mind are my members, so we talk a lot about every little thing, and often even cry.

VG: When your stress level reaches its limit, wouldn’t even quirky Sandara become snappy?

S: I become more quiet. It’s so that I don’t clash with another person. I’ve never fought with a person before. I don’t want to fight, and I’m not even good at fighting. When someone picks a fight with me, I have never thrown a counter-attack.

VG: A lonely and delicate girl, It would be nice if there was a guy to protect this kind of Sandara! I hear your ideal is a tough younger man.

S: I like a person who is cute and at the same time be able to hold me firmly.

VG: Why do you like younger men, though?

S: My way of thinking is very young. Ever since I was young, I mostly played with my younger siblings, so even now I am more comfortable with younger friends. When I meet people in their teens, it feels like they’re all my friends, but when I actually meet people of the same age as me, it becomes awkward. I think I stopped maturing mentally since I started entertainment activities when I was 19 years old.

VG: What do you do when you don’t have practice?

S: I just stay in the dorms by myself. Bom and CL is usually at the headquarters working on music, and Minji goes to watch movies or goes shopping, and goes out often. She’s still in an energetic age(laughs). When I’m in the dorms I just lie down staring into space, or do the laundry, or watch a drama online. These days, I’m totally into ‘King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.’

VG: How are each member’s rooms decorated?

S: CL’s room is so full of clothes or accessories and other props that it’s almost hard to walk around. But there are always fun things in there so I often go just to look around. Bom’s room has a lot of make up and health products. haha. Minji’s room has a lot of books and toys. These days, I think she’s been collecting Gundam products? On the walls, she’s put up a bunch of pictures of herself. Compared to those, my room is just a bed and a closet, so it’s very meager.

VG: A while ago in , we had an MBLAQ interview, and Thunder stated that just the existence of his older sister Sandara made him feel very reassured.

S: Actually, the debut date between MBLAQ only has a 6-month difference, so there wasn’t much I was able to advise on(laughs). But since I’m the older sister, and our age difference is 6 years, I do try to take care of him. Our activity period never overlapped, so it was hard to meet each other at broadcast stations, but I hope to meet him more often from now on. I miss him, my baby. Haha.

VG: Idol groups these days have such a variety of activities, but it’s hard to see 2NE1.

S: I want to do them, but I’m very timid. Last year when I went out on ‘Family Outing’ all I did was quietly watch them. Rather than that, I want to go out as a guest on talk shows like ‘Come to Play’ or ‘Winning Streak’. Not alone, but all four of us together. I think our biggest problem is that we are fun if it is the four of us together. If we each were to go out by ourselves, don’t you think we’d be completely edited out? Haha.

VG: From the members, who do you think will do well in variety shows?

S: Bom! If Bom were to go out in ‘Family Outing’ or ‘We Got Married’ I’m sure it would be a huge success. She is so much more outgoing than me, and really at a different level than me. The image of her you saw in ‘2NE1 TV’ is really truly Bom’s actual personality. She’ll probably start so many trendy sayings, too! Haha.


VG: The Bom on stage seems to always wear dresses.

Bom: During our debut, that was my biggest complaint. I’m always wearing short dresses, and it was uncomfortable when I was dancing. But now I’m so used to it that I can do anything wearing this kind of dress. If only my figure was more perfect….

VG: It seems your Lettuce Diet was very effective?

B: It’s still in progress. It’s not perfect enough!

VG: Isn’t it hard to go on a diet?

B: I’m not on a 24 hour diet like fans think. I eat well in every meal. I’m not just eating lettuce, it’s just that I’m not snacking on things like before. But things like chips and cake, especially bread, are banned food. For ‘Bread Bom’ to be banned from eating bread, it’s torturous.

VG: There are a lot of talks about Bom’s body.

B: It would be a lie to say I was not offended at all. (In a small voice) Well, honestly, that day, my body was especially swollen, but…. anyways, it became the catalyst for my diet, so I’m okay now.

VG: What was the best thing about living as a singer?

B: It’s that I am able to stand on a stage and sing. I think that’s one of the special bonuses, as well as the only good point. There aren’t many careers in which one doesn’t get stressed out, but rather relieves stress, while working.

VG: But there’s the down side that you can’t date.

B: Oh my, I forgot about that. But I don’t really want to think about those things. I’m the type that has to do what I want no matter what, so when I think about that, it makes me depressed. I don’t really have an ideal type. If I like him, then I like him. There’s one thing I don’t like, though. It’s a person with a complex! Not having confidence, I can look over that.

VG: You’re getting ready for your come back, right? Unlike other groups, your dormant period is pretty long.

B: Our title song hasn’t been chosen yet, and we’re recording the other songs right now. We’ll be doing various styles from R&B to Hip Hop so you can look forward to them. Actually, it hasn’t been too long since we started to prepare for this album, so even this conversation is a little awkward. Haha.

VG: I hear your comeback is around August?

B: Ah, it could be. Even we don’t know the exact date, truthfully. If President Yang says we’ll make a comeback in one week, then that’s what will happen. Even the filming for music videos, he tells us 2~3 days before.

VG: Then you must always be completely prepared for anything at any time?

B: We can’t let down our guard. So all the members even in our resting period, we never slack off on practice every day. Since we don’t know when we’ll have to take action(laughs). And we need to regularly practice so that it won’t be tiring when the time comes. Once activities start, they progress by very quickly.

VG: Then last night, your last activity was also practice?

B: No, it was watermelon eating. Haha. These days, I’ve been very into eating watermelon made cold in the refrigerator. Ah! The trainer teacher shouldn’t see this…


VG: You were very shy in front of the camera so I was surprised. Are you the same Minji that confidently did popping dances on stage?

Minji: After wearing boyish clothes so much, and then changing into a dress, my body automatically stiffened up. Haha. During debut, when our stylists told me to wear a one-piece dress, I detested it, but these days, it’s different. Dresses aren’t as uncomfortable, and I’m even starting to buy one or two.

VG: Your hair grew out a lot and you look more feminine?

M: I’m working hard on growing it out. I want to make a transformation for the comeback, but I’m worried whether the public might feel uncomfortable with the changes, or like them. But it’s not just the comeback, even personally, everything seems to be shaking. It’s a time for changes.

VG: It’s like that for any 17 year old.

M: Not too long ago, in our 1 year party, we all watched ‘2NE1 TV Season 1’ together, and I was a bit surprised. The me from 1 year ago was very bright and child-like. Am I in puberty? When people asked me if I was going through puberty before, I used to get worked up and deny it, but these days I just think that must be it.

VG: Isn’t that the time when you’re really going through puberty?

M: Haha, is that it?

VG: Later, you will long for that time.

M: These days, I feel like time is passing by very quickly. It only feels like yesterday that I got into my teens, but I’m already 17. The company oppas told me, that the 20s pass by even more quickly?

VG: Of course, like an arrow. When you’re in your 20s, how do you want to live?

M: I want to read a lot of books and not be lazy, and become a very intelligent person.

VG: When you turn 22, your ‘5 Year Dating Ban’ will be over too.

M: Haha, isn’t that a wonderful thought?

VG: What would you think is an ideal relationship?

M: A relationship that helps each other. A relationship where only one side is helping will definitely have its limits. Ideal person in terms of just looks is Usher. I went to his concert recently, and I totally fell for him. I don’t know how a person can be so good looking and sexy! When I look in terms of personality, Jinusean’s Sean oppa. He’s very loving to HyeYoung unnie, and he’s a very good family father to his children. I don’t know if there will be a person who is a mixture of the two.

VG: If you were to get a boyfriend, how would your date go?

M: I want to walk down the streets of MyungDong holding hands.

VG: Is it okay if people stare?

M: I am confident I will not be affected. And I would rather that they stare and whisper than to not show any interest at all. In reality, having no commentary hurts more than receiving bad commentary, you know.

VG: If you did not become a member of 2NE1, how do you think you would have lived?

M: I would not have given up being a singer. I guess I would have stayed a trainee. Honestly, I did not really start out wanting to be a singer. I wanted to be a contemporary dance choreographer, but I came across a YG Family music video and fell right in love with it, and I decided I will go into that company and be a singer there. I can be a choreographer again, later in life. I can teach our juniors in the company.

VG: Your responses compared to others of your age seems very thought out and mature.

M: It’s because I always hung out with oppas and unnies. So when I often meet people around my age, I feel frustrated and we can’t communicate well. Sometimes I think they’re still young. So these days, when I talk to my friends, it’s become a little awkward. When I’m tired, my friends don’t know the situation, and even more so they don’t know how to solve it, so their encouragement sometimes feels unfruitful.

VG: Walking a different path from others your age doesn’t seem to be all just fun?

M: I know there are many friends who envy me. But to gain something, another needs to be lost. I’m longing for all the things I had lost a lot more recently. Before, when I was in middle school, I’d barely finish 4th period before I slipped out of school. Studying wasn’t fun, and playing with friends was boring. But now that I’ve really quit school, I think those times were the good times. I’m going to take the qualification exam later, so I’m studying hard.

VG: Still, once you get on stage to sing and dance, isn’t it fun, as if those worries never existed?

M: Of course. When I get on stage, I become a totally different person. Shall I call it ‘Crazy Minji’? Haha. At that time, I really can’t think of anything else. I really love dancing. Later, when I get old and weak and the time comes that I can’t dance anymore, I think I would be really sad.


VG: Other members have chosen CL as the ‘on the contrary’ most feminine member?

CL: In reality I am much more feminine than my image on stage. I have a lot of charm, too. I don’t have a middle ground. I’m always running on two polar opposites. Being very cold and hot and the same time, or being an angel and then a devil. Just like how CL and Chae Rin are very different, but both are me.

VG: When I see the CL on stage, how should I say it, it’s like something’s boiling inside. ‘This stage is too small for me,’ you seem to scream with your whole body.

CL: It’s because I have so many things I want to do.

VG: Are there things that you really want to do that you can’t due to broadcasting regulations?

CL: People say there’s only so much you can do, but I don’t think so. It’s just that people have not done it yet. I want to do a stage that would make people think, ‘so this sort of things can also be done.’ First of all, I would like to stand on stage with a real band. There’s a limit to what can be done on stage playing and MR and singing.

VG: In the past May, you met with your 1st year anniversary. Has there been any changes during that year?

CL: During that time, for all the members many things have changed and they’ve matured. Their favorite music style, their personality, their clothing. And I became a legal adult.

VG: Have you gotten accustomed to living as a singer?

CL: As a singer, I’m still a beginner. There are still so many things to experience. But I try not to think of this work as a job. It’s not because I’m a singer that I listen to songs and practice singing, but because I love singing and dancing that I am a singer. If there comes a time that this starts to feel like it’s nothing more than just a job, I think I would quit with no regrets. If it’s not fun anymore, there’s no reason to do it anymore. ‘Enjoy one’s work’ is so important for me.

VG: But it doesn’t seem like that makes you think about what’s next ahead of time.

CL: That’s right. Because that time can occur just next year.

VG: Still, at the very least, wouldn’t you choose another work on something related to music?

CL: I’m not sure, I might stop singing and start drawing. Or I might get married and even become a mother. That’s something even I don’t know. I just want to live doing meaningful work. Not to someone else, but meaningful to me. Right now, that is to sing and dance, which is why I am doing this work.

VG: Would that free-spirited mindset be influenced from having lived in a foreign country when you were young?

CL: Rather than that, I think it was the way I was taught by my parents. My father liked to experience life in a new atmosphere, so moving many times was a part of it. That experience probably nurtured the diversity of my thinking. Even at home, I rarely watch TV, and instead played listening to music or drawing pictures. If the weather was good, I’d go to the park for a walk.

VG: Of the places you lived in, which place had the most influence on you?

CL: HongDae, where I lived in when I was in 4th grade in elementary school. That was also the first time I bought clothes.

VG: An 11 year old bought her own clothes?

CL: My mom didn’t like department stores so she went to vintage stores in HongDae or the flea market and bought me clothes from there. I passed by a store I had gone with my mom before and saw an item of clothing I liked, so I got money and bought it.

VG: What was the clothing tastes of young CL?

CL: I like clothes with bold colors and elaborate prints. Even accessories, I only did big ones. Looking back at it, oh my, it was so cheesy.

VG: Girls of that age usually don’t dress like that. You must have really stood out.

CL: I didn’t have many friends so it was okay. Even now, there are only four people I can really call my friends. Honestly, it’s enough if I have even just one friend. I want it to be the person I love, whether it be my husband or a boyfriend.

VG: What if that person betrays you?

CL: I would have to decide all the more seriously. I haven’t yet felt a huge betrayal so I don’t really know what I’d do.

VG: Are you most comfortable when you are alone?

CL: I like people very much. My family is huge, and I like people bumbling around me. But I would be most comfortable if in the midst of all those people, I were alone. I don’t like to be left alone in a desert, but living alone in a huge city is nice.

VG: Do you have any concerns in living as a leader of a girl group?

CL: Not really. Probably it’s because it wasn’t any other group but 2NE1’s leader. All the members practice on their own accord, so I just ease their nervousness and shout out encouragements.

VG: Do you have that burden that you ‘need to show something newer and fiercer than before’?

CL: Changing slightly from the previous doesn’t have much meaning. We always want to show something completely different and new. Wouldn’t that make it more interesting to watch us? The us doing the same style, or the people watching the same thing, it would not be much fun.

VG: How pretty, how cool, from these two, which do you prefer to hear?

CL: Of course it’s ‘how cool’! But more than that, what I like more is ‘How beautiful.’ It seems to be the word that encompasses both the pretty and the cool.

VG: Recently, who has called you beautiful?

CL: Haha, I haven’t heard it very often. I’m just saying it’s always something I want to hear.

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