[K-POP] Jay Park : Close with T-MAX’s Joo Chanyang

T-Max member Joo ChanYang makes a surprising appearance at the filming site for Park JaeBum’s upcoming film ‘Hype Nation’ to show support.

The photo was posted up on T-Max’s official Twitter recently. And in the photo, Park JaeBum was seen holding T-Max’s album and smiling for the photo.

The 2 had gone a long way with Joo ChanYang giving 2PM vocal lessons for their song ‘I Hate You’ before Joo debuts as part of T-Max. And since Park JaeBum was the leader of 2PM, the 2 had become very close friends through the session together. And coming back to Korea for the shooting of ‘Hype Nation’, JaeBum had told his friends that he misses Joo ChanYang, and Joo ChanYang had turned up at the shooting site to show support.
The 2 only managed to spend a short time together during their meetup. Joo ChanYang also gave Park JaeBum T-Max’s 1st album as a gift.

An official revealed, “At first JaeBum could not recognise Joo ChanYang since Joo had previously lost 15kg for his debut in T-Max.”

©Newsen + Kbites

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