[K-POP] 2NE1 : Dara’s me2day “D7”

Dara’s me2day has been doing countdown for 2NE1 TV’s Season 2 comeback. It’s 7 days left until the show starts, are you ready?

Original Text:

와쌉?!?! ^^ 촬영중 쉬는시간에 찰칵~!!! 투애니원 컵케익을 들고~ 냠냠냠! 요즘도 계속 연습하고 이런저런 준비를 하며 하루하루를 지낸답니다! 기다리고있을 당쉰들을 생각하며..ㅋㅋㅋ 우리도 많이 기다렸거든요 ㅋㅋ 좀만 더 기다릴수있지요?! 홧팅!!^_^

Rough Translation:

Wassap?!?! Clicks on a break during recording ^ ^ ~! ~ Nyamnyamnyam tuaeniwon with cupcakes! Even today, continue to practice and prepare for something or other, and each day is jinaendap! Dangswikdeuleul waiting, thinking too much .. blah blah, we have waited a little longer wait ㅋ ㅋ itjiyo?! Disappointing !!^_^

*Photo taken during the girl’s Bean Pole photoshoot.

©dara’s me2day

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