[K-POP] Jay Park to finalize contract with Sidus HQ

2PM former member Jaebum decided to sign contract with Korean renowned entertainment agency Sidus HQ, officially starting his activities in Korea.
Recently, Jaebum and his parents had a meeting with Sidus HQ and decided to sign a contract with them. Right now they are discussing on the details. The contract will be finalized at the end of this week. Sidus HQ has artists like Jang Hyuk, Jeon Jihyun, Jo Insung, Han Yeseul, etc. Sidus HQ is expected to give full support to Jaebum for both acting activities and singing activities.

A Sidus HQ associate mentioned on the 8th of July, “We have made agreements on the basics of Jaebum’s contract. We are now in the process of confirming the final details. If this deal is successful, we will offcially announce the details of Jaebum’s contract with us.”

On the 18th of June, Jaebum returned to Korea with the crew of “HYPE NATION” after 9 months. Before that, Jaebum did not belong to any Korean agency, and was always communicating with his fans directly via twitter and youtube.

Actually, Jaebum has already started his activity for his EP in Korea. Jaebum will release Korean and English versions of American popular singer B.o.B’s “Nothin’ On You” soon. This solo EP includes 3 songs and will be officially released on the 13th of July. It is reported that the lyrics in the song “Will You Believe Me?” is full of the Jaebum’s thankfulness to the fans who continued to support him after withdrawing from 2PM.

Credit: ISPLUS
Article: http://isplus.joins.com/article/article.html?aid=1435771
Translated by nat @ Wild2Day.org

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