[K-POP] 2PM : Reveals their Christmas wishes

Idol group 2PM reveals their Christmas wishes on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

The group had their first appearance on broadcast program, other than the usual music shows, since the release of their 1st full length album. They had recently participated in the filming of SBS ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’, and each member revealed their Christmas wish.

Youngest member ChanSung gave what an answer a youngest would give, “Solo escape”, while JunHo said, “I want to spend my Christmas on stage with fans”, and JunSu, “I want everyone to be healthy”

Also TaecYeon said, “It is a little inconvenient to share a room with JunSu. I hope the room gets expanded.”

And Nich Khun revealed a cute wish, “Everyone be rich” and WooYoung said, “It would be great if JinYoung hyung gives a present.”

Meanwhile, the 2PM boys also asked MC Kim JungEun her Christmas wish and she said, “I want to see the first part of 2PM ‘Heartbeat’ performance featuring TaecYeon and ChanSung” and the 2 members granted her wish with their performance.

Source: Newsen | Credits: Kbites

 My 2PM Christmas wish would be simple. Just bring Jaebeom back. 🙂

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