[K-POP] 2AM : Jo Kwon is “Ssanti” Expert

The cheap dance or rather ‘Ssanti’ dance is no stranger to 2PM member, Jo-kwon.

Apparently, the ajusshis at JYP office aren’t liking it so they told him to *control the urge to shake his booty*.

But it seems like nothing can dampen the dancing stint of Jo Kwon.

On the latest episode of KBS 2 ‘Imagine More’, our spunky diva shared his experiences and stood by his ‘Ssanti-ness’:

“When I was finished with my 8-year-long training period and was finally ready to debut, I did my ssanti dances in a lot of the TV programs that I starred on and saw my name in a lot of articles. I thought, just because I’m a ballad singer doesn’t mean that I should just sit quietly all the time on TV programs.”

However, Park Jin-young (JYP) constantly called me every day, asking me to stop doing that on TV.”

Nothing can stop our 2AM diva!

I’ll actually like him if he could be like this, all the time. :)) 

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