[INFO] GD releases “Boy” Preview


Big Bang GDragon releases a preview to his debut solo album ahead of the official release.

YG said, “GDragon has revealed the preview to the song ‘Boy’ through meday site on 10th August.”

The responses to the preview was overwhelming, even though the song was revealed at 3am in the morning, it has received over 20K replies on me2day site, many fans have stayed up to wait for the song preview.

It is said that GDragon will also be revealing another song on 11th August, and will go ahead to reveal the title song on 12th August.

Meanwhile it has been known that both GDragon and the Brave Brothers, who will be releasing their solo albums on the same day on 18th, had filmed their MV on the same day on 7th August.


G-Dragon – 소년이여 (Boy) Preview



GD your choice drop it on me
밤은 깊었는데 잠은 안오고 늘어난 두통과 싸우고
이러저리 뒤척이다 생각에 잠겨 또 펜을 붙잡고
빼곡히 써내려가는 가사 이 안에 내 철학이 가득하다
뿌연 담배 연기 꽉 찬 내 방 home sweet home 아늑하다

Credit: 뱅뱅귀여워 @ bbvipz
Source: G-Dragon’s me2DAY for mp3

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