Big Bang for Cafe Latte


After beer comes coffee! Maeil Dairy revealed that Idol group Big Bang has been chosen as the next coffee models.

They are part of Cafe Latte’s new campaign “Let’s love ourselves” and have been chosen as the model for TV ads as well as promotional activities. The new campaign is a reinterpretation of Cafe Latte’s 13-year old theme “If you love, then like Cafe Latte” and part of Cafe Latte’s new plan to give an encouraging message to young people during these hard economic times, to gain courage and not lose hope.


Maeil Dairy’s Marketing Direction Lee Jung Tae said that Big Bang is a good representative for the 13 year old brand since they managed to gain hope and attain their dreams despite a long training period and other hardships. In addition because they have unique characteristics, each member is a good representative in showcasing the different flavors as well as reaching out to all age groups of consumers.

Since 1997, Cafe Latte has established itself as a luxury cup coffee brand using famous trendy male celebrities such as Lee Byung Hun, Jang Dong Gun, Yoo Ji Tae, Kang Dong Won, Jang Geun Suk. A video is supposed to be released on April 30th while the TV ad is expected to be released in May and is gaining attention as interested parties are waiting for the “Big Bang Effect”

The 15s CF


The 30s CF














Some BTS + Making pics.




And just because allkpop thinks T.O.P. is sexy…


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video credits: alejandra377, bigbangxlove, elaisvipp @

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